Saturday, January 30, 2021

Ethernet switch and powerline adaptor speeds

I have a Chromebook in my office, connected to the router via; an ethernet cable, into a 4 way switch, out of the switch then into the powerline adaptor, out of the powerline adaptor in the router closet, and into the back of the router.
Speedtest in that config - ~50Mps.
Shunted the powerline adaptor with a long cable from the switch _ 100 Mps. Shunted everything with that LONG ASS cable directly from the Chromebook into the router - 200 Mps, just like Cox promised !!!!
BTW 50 Mps is plenty to do anything, including multiple 4k video streams. How fun!

P.S. "Shunted" = went around
1/30/2021 14:12:45
42.46 Mbps
10.27 Mbps

1/30/2021 14:11:56
92.59 Mbps
10.24 Mbps

1/30/2021 14:10:37
197.21 Mbps
10.25 Mbps

Friday, April 19, 2019

Pedestal for Google Home mini

SPORTLINK Pedestal for Google Home Mini

It is quite stable, even when bumped; it tends to not fall over. Perhaps its Grandparents were Weebles! The speaker's sound is improved (more spacial) and it seems to "hear" better. The cable management technique is effective, and it looks good in our living room setup. Our Google Home Mini sits comfortably on a shelf between an Amazon Echo Dot and a Broadlink RMINI 3 (Universal IR smart remote.)

Friday, April 5, 2019

Smart home 2

Smart Home or not?
Thursday night.
20:55 Conditions:
 Watching Video from Hulu on Roku (Big TV-Living Room) PAUSED
1 Chromecast from 12.2 tablet - Google Play Music to Clock Radio ✔
2 Stop music ✔
3 Chromecast from 12.2 tablet - video from YouTube to Office TV ✔
4 Stop video ✔
5 Chromecast video from YouTube to Office TV ✔
6 Stop video ✔
7 <Office Google Home Mini> "Play (movie) from netflix on office TV"
 FAIL (Chromecast lost internet connection)
 Waited 4 minutes, Chromecast would not auto reconnect.
 (Frozen Google pieces on the Office TV screen)
22:11 restarted Office TV Chromecast (USB inline rocker switch powered off, then on) ✔
22:12 retry Item 7 ✔
22:14 Motion detected in front Hallway (Hallway Light comes ON) ✔
22:15 <Living Room Echo Dot> "Hallway OFF" ✔
22:19 <Office Google Home Mini> "Stop the Video" from item7 ✔
23:05 <Office Google Home Mini> "Pause the Roku" ✔ 
Friday morning
02:25 Set up IFTTT auto post Blogger to FB and TWTR

Friday, March 15, 2019

My smart home is sometimes stupid, other times incredibly efficient.

Living in a smart home.
 Sounds easy.
When everything works, it is, indeed, a very smooth house.
But I think my wi-fi router is not happy with the number of devices I have connected to The Internet Of Things (IOT).
About 65, depending on who is home at any given time. At least 60 all the time.
My 5ghz side works perfectly, but the 2.4 ghz radio just can't seem to handle all the devices all the time. But sometimes for days, the whole thing works at 100%. Then the radio starts cutting out the 2.4 ghz devices, made noticeable by the Chromecast-dedicated monitor showing the black screen of juggling death. (Can't connect to IOT for some reason). Sometimes the whole system then returns to normal in just a few moments; other times, almost nothing 2.4ghz will stay connected. There's just no way to tell. I have the router and modem reset every two days, as an automation, and that usually clears things up nicely, but SHEESH, sometimes doing nothing has the same result.

I either need a new router, or something added.
(Yay! another gadget!)

Anyway, here's what I have connected...
MANY Google devices, including Home Minis, Chromecasts, Chromecast Ultra, a few Chromecast Audio dongles - which almost NEVER work all together for very long. Except the Ultra, which is on 5ghz. It works perfectly, and always.
 and music device groups are not reliable either. There are three groups, "All the speakers" (7 devices),"Front room" (4 devices)and "Office group" (2 devices)

Again, when it works, the sound is awesome throughout our cave. When it doesn't function as expected, I start missing my germanium diode radio from 1960. You know, the one with the clip on a wire, and an earphone. You clip it to a chain link fence and you could tune AM radio WITHOUT A BATTERY!!!
OK, back to the smart devices...

20 lamps, smart lights, or light strips.
Echo wall clock, 3 Amazon Echo Dots,
5 Google Home Minis, 10 or more A/C power switches and
 ten computers/tablets/e-readers.
oh, And a wireless printer.

Some routines and automations with IFTTT, SmartHome (switches and lights)
 and Infrared Remote RMINIs by Broadlink to automate/emulate all the remote controls.

"Alexa (or Hey Google), Desk On" turns on the lamp on my office desk, turns on the TV, turns on the audio amplifier, selects the TV for input, mutes the speakers, and sets the cable channel. It then gives me my morning news/weather.
That's convenient as heck!
"Illuminate" Lights up the front two rooms, "Bedtime" turns off almost all the lights in the front of the house and sets small, dim blue-filtered lights for safety.

Whichever room you are in, you can say"Turn on the Lights" and all the lights IN THAT ROOM ONLY will come on. "Turn off the lights" works the same way.
Lots more...
Anyone think I am nuts? Well, keep that inside, ok?
HELP! I don't want to go back to manual everything. But I need this stuff to work all the time, because when it doesn't, life is actually MORE complicated than before smart devices.

@UncleKenInAZ on FB or TWTR

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Understanding mint marks on the back of American silver eagles 1986 - present
“Why doesn’t my Eagle have a mint Mark?”
On burnished American silver eagles After 2006, there will be a mint mark on the reverse, W for West Point or S for San Francisco. When listing said coins on eBay, the W or S should NOT be surrounded by parentheses. I.e. 2006-W Silver Eagle
Unburnished coins after 2006 will not have a mint mark And therefore MUST have parentheses around the W or s. this will avoid confusion between those coins with mint marks and without.
Example: 2014-W is a Burnished coin WITH a W on the obverse. 2014(W) is NOT BURNISHED and does NOT have a W on the obverse.
The only way an unburnished coin gets a mint designation on its slab label is if it was delivered to the grader in a sealed box directly from the mint.
The coin will NOT have a mintmark ( W or S ) on it.
Not everyone lists these correctly, so you MUST check the description carefully, and check the website of the grading company to determine its authenticity.
Graded Perfect Silver Coins on GardnerMall/eBay

By the way I was taught, shouldn't this label have a (W) on it???
Like I said, not everyone follows these rules.

*Population Reports and Price Guide Information provided in the listing description are reflective of the current information at the time of the listing's creation or original start time. We encourage you to double-check that information independently as Populations and Price Guides are subject to change.

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Roadside Safety Kit recommendations

Today's Gardnermall update - Roadside Safety Kit

Roadside Safety Kit - please share this with all your friends who drive.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

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My steak rub...
I use half a teaspoon of Watkins Blazin' Cajun Snack & Dip Seasoning on each side of the steak. rub it evenly into the meat. drizzle some Kikkoman brewed Soy Sauce (careful, it's SALTY) over that side of the meat and put it on a big plate, wet side DOWN. repeat rub/soy on the top. cover with plastic wrap to hold the liquid tightly to the steaks. Marinate for a couple hours, or a day - it's your schedule, not mine. Remove from fridge at least 20 minutes before cooking to bring the meat closer to room temp, the inside will cook faster without burning the outside.

Get the grill HOT! this is for 1 inch thick steaks, medium rare, adjust times for doneness and thicker cuts.

place the steaks on the grill and DON'T TOUCH THEM for 2 minutes, when the grill rods will release the meat without tearing it. turn the steaks about 90 degrees to get those pretty hashmarks, and finish cooking the side for another 3-4 mins. Flip the steaks, and DON'T TOUCH THEM for 2 minutes (Have I stressed this enough?) turn em and finish em the way you like. Let the meat REST for a minute before serving.


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