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Sunday, October 9, 2016

The myth of "Timing" an Auction.

Time Time Time
Your time is valuable, especially when bidding on items in our eBay Store. 
Sometimes you can get busy at the last minute and miss out on winning a good item by trying to "Time" an auction bid, so please bid what you are willing to pay and eBay will automatically increment your bids the minimum amount up to that price! It's so much easier than setting aside time at the end of an auction, or trying to "Time" a bid to save a few pennies. Your time is more valuable than that, right?

Here's an example...
Up for auction - The Keys To The Universe. Starting price 99 cents.
Three people want the Keys; Tom, Richard, and Harcourt.
Tom is going to win the auction cheap (he thinks), and every time someone bids, he's going to bid one only step higher. So he starts at 99 cents. Then Richard decides he is willing to pay 100 dollars for the Keys. So Richard bids 100 dollars to start. The price only moves up the MINIMUM amount, so Tom is outbid, and the new price is 1.05. So Tom gets an email that he is outbid, logs in, bids 1.10, eBay, for Richard, automatically enters the next minimum bid higher, Tom bids 1.15, etc etc ad nauseum. Tom drops out after a wasted amount of time, and now the price is say $25. Richard's 100 bid is still there, but he will only pay $25 if no one else bids. Now Harcourt sees the Keys are for sale and bids 90$. Well, Richard's bid will then automatically be entered at 91, see? Harcourt, who REALLY wants the Keys, then bids $125 and Richard is out of the way, unless he puts in a higher bid, which he won't, since he was only willing to pay 100. Harcourt wins the Keys for $101 (The minimum over the next highest bid, which was Richard at 100). See? Clear as milk!
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Sunday, September 11, 2016

Understanding mint marks on the back of American silver eagles 1986 - present
“Why doesn’t my Eagle have a mint Mark?”
On burnished American silver eagles After 2006, there will be a mint mark on the reverse, W for West Point or S for San Francisco. When listing said coins on eBay, the W or S should NOT be surrounded by parentheses. I.e. 2006-W Silver Eagle
Unburnished coins after 2006 will not have a mint mark And therefore MUST have parentheses around the W or s. this will avoid confusion between those coins with mint marks and without.
Example: 2014-W is a Burnished coin WITH a W on the obverse. 2014(W) is NOT BURNISHED and does NOT have a W on the obverse.
The only way an unburnished coin gets a mint designation on its slab label is if it was delivered to the grader in a sealed box directly from the mint.
The coin will NOT have a mintmark ( W or S ) on it.
Not everyone lists these correctly, so you MUST check the description carefully, and check the website of the grading company to determine its authenticity.
Graded Perfect Silver Coins on GardnerMall/eBay

By the way I was taught, shouldn't this label have a (W) on it???
Like I said, not everyone follows these rules.

*Population Reports and Price Guide Information provided in the listing description are reflective of the current information at the time of the listing's creation or original start time. We encourage you to double-check that information independently as Populations and Price Guides are subject to change.

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Roadside Safety Kit recommendations

Today's Gardnermall update - Roadside Safety Kit

Roadside Safety Kit - please share this with all your friends who drive.

Saturday, May 21, 2016