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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

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Mining Bitcoins
SOLVED! Running 5 (five) Bitmain U3 bitcoin mining machines on one laptop. It can be done!

Using CGMiner 4.9.0
 I have been trying for MONTHS to get all five of these to all work at the same time without ZOMBIE
and ERRORS that make the whole process a waste of time.
I did the Zadig thing, a million times, can do it in the sauna, while reading bad Hungarian poetry.
All my devices are running the right drivers.
I tried new power supplies, new cables, new software...NOTHING WORKED.
I want all 5 U3 Miners running normally at once on the same machine!
I could get them all to run in 2's or 3's, but with 4 or 5 they would hash at ridiculously low speeds, and crash to zombie a LOT.

 I could run ANY THREE at a time, but 4 would start the errors and crashes all over again.

 Well, I bought FIVE of these, and I am determined. So I start moving things to a different directory, to "start all over" and while doing this, I notice... I HAVE TWO EXPLORER WINDOWS OPEN AT ONCE. I think to myself. TRY OPENING TWO CgmINERS!!!
  OK, Now what? one is running 5 U3's terribly, and the other is whining about all the devices being busy, or not there, etc.
so I Disable two of those first 5 with the USB Menu in CGMiner. THen I BLACKLIST THOSE TWO.
   I look at the other window and VOILA!! The two I blacklisted from one CGminer are now hashing like crazy in the other one! I have 5 U3 Miners running at once on the same machine! And if one goes ZOMBIE, the other miner grabs it and wakes it back up!

Here's the setup for the BAT file...
 --au3-freq 238 --au3-volt 775
 I am so happy, I wanna give myself a kiss!!!
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